Campus Life

Campus Life

The fifty-three acre campus which is home to Colorado Timberline Academy has deep roots in the past and the days of homesteading in the Durango area. In keeping with this history, virtually all campus buildings are log cabin style. Over the years efforts have been made to preserve the rustic appearance of the buildings, some of which have historical significance. The largest building on the campus, “The Lodge,” highlights and preserves several of the historic uses of the property. Currently the lodge provides space for classrooms, the dining area and kitchen, meeting space and administrative offices.

Student Residences

At Colorado Timberline Academy there are several options for student lodging. Facilities include two small dormitories and a variety of log cabins.

The girls’ dormitory houses five students in individual rooms and the boys’ dorm accommodates six boys, also in individual rooms. In both dormitories an adult (dorm parent) lives with the students. Because of the additional supervision provided by the dorm parents, younger students are usually placed in a dorm.

The remainder of the students live in single log cabins which are suitable for two students. In addition to the smaller cabins there are two larger duplex cabins. The first of the two duplex cabins is a new facility completed in time for the 2010-11 school year. Each side of the duplex will comfortably house four students. The second duplex (Senior Cabin) is adequate for either two or three students on each side and is a senior privilege given its size and central location on the campus. In addition to ample living space each cabin, which is individually heated, has a private bathroom.

Faculty Residences

With few exceptions, all faculty members and residential staff also live on campus. For purposes of supervision, faculty cabins are located among student cabins. All student and faculty residences are conveniently located within easy walking distance of the classroom and dining facilities.