Durango Area

CTA’s Durango Location

Colorado Timberline Academy and the Four Corners area provide a unique opportunity for learning and recreation.

Colorado Timberline Academy is located twelve miles north of Durango on Highway 550, in the picturesque Animas Valley. Our fifty-acre campus is bordered on the east by the Animas River. The view north is a breathtaking scene of mountain peaks, often snow-covered, with the pink alpen-glow of the setting sun. To the west we are shielded by cliffs and the view south affords us a glimpse of the ever widening valley. Surrounded by trees, the CTA campus grants refreshing isolation coupled with close proximity to Durango and other resources.

The facility which now houses Colorado Timberline Academy has a rich and colorful history. Built in the 1930s as a hot spring resort, the buildings serve as reflections of a by-gone era. Cabins of the “El Rancho Encantado” now house two to three students each. Faculty cabins are intermingled with those of students, and a feeling of privacy within a neighborhood extends along cabin row. We have made additions to housing facilities, including a six-person solar-heated dwelling, a duplex to house four students, and a duplex with two apartment units for faculty housing. The lodge building now functions as a classroom building and also houses our office, kitchen and dining room. Another building adjacent to the lodge serves as additional classroom space and houses the science room, foreign language room, art room and darkroom. A soccer field, frisbee golf course and outdoor regulation basketball court have also recently been added to our facilities.

The Four Corners Area

Durango, Colorado is a city of 15,500 located in the Four Corners area, a region unparalleled for scenic beauty. With the San Juan mountains and Mesa Verde National Park both within an hour’s drive, we are located between high-country and desert wilderness. Because of the altitude (6,512 feet) and surrounding terrain, Durango enjoys mild weather with plenty of snow to make it a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. The Four Corners area includes Navajo and Ute Indian Reservations, the Canyonlands of Utah and the Grand Canyon, all within 250 miles of Durango. The unlimited recreational and educational opportunities of this area are a vital part of the location and program of CTA.

Fort Lewis College, situated on a plateau overlooking Durango, has 4,500 students. CTA students enjoy the convenience of the college library, educational programs and entertainment. Purgatory, located just thirteen miles north of CTA in the spectacular San Juan National Forest, is southwestern Colorado’s largest ski resort. All of our students purchase season ski passes, and school vans make regular trips to the ski area.

The Durango Chamber of Commerce

Purgatory Ski & Mountain Resort