Personal Skills

In addition to the three daily academic classes, students participate in a Personal Skill of their choice. Offerings vary from bloc to bloc according to the season, and are designed to provide each student with the opportunity to develop skills in outdoor education and fitness. We believe that students and faculty perform at a higher level of scholastic achievement when they are provided the opportunity to be active. In addition, we have also found these alternative outdoor adventure sports or “ outdoor pursuits” fit our student population and foster life long interests within them. The school’s proximity to the San Juan Mountains and the desert southwest affords virtually endless possibilities for variety of outdoor endeavors.

Personal Skills offerings currently include rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, skateboarding, fly fishing, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing and snowboarding. When forced to work inside due to weather constraints, we also will  utilize the Durango Recreation Center where students can swim, play basketball, racquetball, lift weights and work  on their cardio fitness.